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Hi! I’m Jeff, a Tech Lead on the growth team at Pinterest. I also advise and invest in a few awesome startups. I worked on a lot of different growth channels to help Pinterest grow to where we are today. Growth opportunities which I have experience in include:

  • Authentication - Led an initiative around inventing new login mechanisms and optimizations to increase our weekly active users by tens of millions
  • User Engagement - with PM and design, led an effort to increase pin impressions, which substantially increased engagement and revenue
  • Mobile acquisition - created and executed mobile acquisition strategies, increasing our daily mobile signup and app install numbers by 2x in one year, without any paid acquisition. This also brought Pinterest into the top 20 of the US app store ranks
  • Conversions - Optimized unauth pages all over Pinterest to increase daily web signup rate by many multiples
  • SEO - ran many SEO experiments to increase Pinterest traffic by millions a week
  • Web Performance - Rebuilt the unauth landing pages from scratch to decrease page load times by 40%, and increase signups and traffic significantly
  • Building a good growth culture - As an early member and leader on the growth team, helped build a data-driven and impact focused culture